How Marketing Automation Tools Are Important To Small Enterprises

Marketing automation technologies have several tools available that can help boost productivity, increase traffic, and turn leads into revenue.

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In today’s ecommerce world, online platforms offer leads that have the potential to turn into revenue. Small-scale enterprises are now taking advantage of different marketing strategies to generate interest and maintain an online presence, so they can be the top-of-the-head choice of their audience.

Marketing automation simply does that. The ability to automate marketing contents does not only reduce business variable costs but also ensure that the campaign is geared toward the highly interested public. On the one hand, marketing automation technologies provide data detailing consumer behaviors, trends, preferences, and expectations so companies are able to decide on things that matter to their customers.

Keeping Customers Engaged

Marketing automation levels the playing field between small and large-scale businesses. The process is automated, which is why digital campaigns are published based on targeted schedules.

While technology has allowed businesses to narrowly focus on their target customers, it also makes retention difficult. Customers can literally shop from one service provider to another at the slightest mistake. Even satisfied clients would switch options to try something new.

Around 80 percent of adults in the world own a smartphone, which is why it has been more convenient for shoppers to compare options. The key is to make the public constantly interested and engaged, and marketing automation helps businesses achieve that goal.

However, giving customers what they want does not necessarily solve the problem. Loyalty programs from retailers are effective means to drive new prospects, but they do not guarantee long-time commitment. Experts said companies need to be geo-specific to provide not only the customers’ wants but also their needs.

Marketing automation technologies have several tools available that can help boost productivity, increase traffic, and turn leads into revenue.

Constant Contact

Ideal for small enterprises, Constant Contact provides basic email marketing functionality, as well as other features that are easy to navigate even for non-technical users.

Part of its email automation feature is the ability to create segmented contact lists so entrepreneurs can send campaigns to its most appropriate audience. It tracks emails so business owners have a clear and fast bird’s eye view of who clicked, when the email was opened, and which email performed better.

The tool also comes with options for Facebook fan promotion, coupons and deals, event management, and autoresponder. It lets customers and prospects know they are being attended to even if the actual service may come at a later time.

Small enterprises who want to create a presence or dominance across online sites can find capability and flexibility in marketing automation.They can advertise their campaigns on social media, email, and across various websites and then manage it in one platform.

Marketing automation allows small and large-scale entrepreneurs to manage their inbound and outbound leads. It combines the power of data analytics and CRM integration in a user-friendly dashboard.

The technology follows inbound and outbound leads so business owners can plan and execute campaigns that are useful and interesting to their target audience. This increases chances of converting leads to a revenue stream.

Marketing automation is here to stay. Perhaps, it is one of the constants in the field of technology today. The ever-increasing demand and need for real-time customer response means that marketing automation technologies will continue to be an asset to businesses.