In Focus: Act-On Software – A Marketing Automation Solution for Marketers, Not Engineers

Act-On Marketing Automation is trusted by 3,000 companies in the United States from various industries. Find out what makes this product stand out.

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Marketing professionals can be forgiven if they think they must transform temporarily into engineers while learning the company’s newly purchased Marketing Automation solution. These creative specialists, with a strong pulse that can uncannily sense what their customers want, grapple with e-blast software, technical manuals, and other protocols to activate functions and devices. The momentum in crafting highly engaging campaigns can be lost in understanding the dozen nuances and intricacies of this new machine, which was implemented to accelerate their marketing efforts.

Act-On simplifies the process for these specialists while addressing their need to have hard marketing data for their marketing ventures. The one outstanding quality that distinguishes it from others is this Marketing Automation solution was designed specifically with the marketers in mind. Marketing gurus and their staff find it easy to understand and use, and flexible enough to merge or integrate with their solutions and devices. Aspects essential to a successful campaign are monitored and managed in one Marketing Automation platform, including but not limited to inbound and outbound tactics, lead generation and nurturing strategies, and customer lifestyle optimization and advocacy programs.

Unlike most marketing metrics, Act-On gives the marketing specialist an accurate picture of the campaigns that worked, as opposed to those that did not. It also provides data on the reasons for each one’s success and failure, and their overall impact on the target market. It shows the tangible, measurable Return on Investment of each campaign or project, like website traffic, generated leads, increase of market share, and actual prospects converted into sales.

The visibility of each campaign can be documented and studied because of these capabilities of the Act-On Marketing Automation:

  • All stages of the customer experience are managed in one platform. All of its aspects, tools, and functions are optimized for heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Each prospect is given a profile that tracks down developing his relationship with the company, starting from a lead to becoming an engaged customer, the business he brings in, and the repeat business he further does. Any dissatisfaction that can lead to his disengagement is also noted.
  • Campaigns are reported in the detail, from high-level concept, execution, ground work, to drilldowns
  • Profit and loss are accounted for, with the marketing campaign’s budget and overall spend correlated to actual revenue and/or impact.

Act-On Marketing Automation services 3,000 companies in the United States, in industries ranging from IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare financials, retail, consulting, media, to advertising. A review by CRM Search says that small-to-medium-size companies, with marketing stuff numbering from one to ten, have readily adapted it for their use.

Users have lauded it for its user-friendliness, making technical requirements like building email campaigns a walk in the park even for the technically-challenged marketing specialist. They like the way it can complement and integrate with their existing solutions and applications, reducing downtime in deployment. Training is very minimal, even unnecessary, which again allows the marketing department to devote their spare time to more creative projects. However, should they need help or a point in the right direction, users say they have found the Act-On helpdesk patient, very helpful and friendly in addressing the problem.

A Trust Radius Review lists its relevance for more sophisticated marketing campaigns. Recipient’s’ response to emails can be tracked and studied; the organization will have an idea which of their emails were accepted, read, clicked on, bounced, or were deleted. Once specific markets have been identified, the solution can create very complex, results-driven drip campaigns and/or niche strategies specifically tailored for this select group.

Act-On can also streamline entire marketing processes like webinars and other online events meant to capture leads and generate hits.

As Software Advice describes the Act-On Marketing Automation solution: “Act-On is ideal for small marketing teams needing a marketing automation tool with minimal IT involvement.”  It is an assessment that many marketers will welcome.




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